Ch. Hetmanka van het Goralenhof

20/10/08 – 01/02/2014
Multi Ch. Hymne Heros Guilledou z Raju Zimy X Multi Ch. Jagodas Bis Kaszanka

Eyes OK
DNA profile

Luxemburg Juniorchampion 2009
Belgian Champion
Holland Juniorwinner 2009
Belgian Juniorwinner 2009
Luxemburg Juniorchampion
Holland Juniorchampion

Mother of 20 puppies in 3 litters, spayed and enjoying her retirement from breeding.

Oki loves being petted and just aks us all the time. She is the perfect friend for our children and likes them a lot being a pillow to Maxime and a doll that can be dressed for Chloé, we like her wonderfull soft and easygoing temperament.
Supicious to strangers wich is also very typical of her breed. She barks at strangers and every guest is anounced by her, strangers can enter and she will get a snif, but she doens’t like to be petted from the start. After a while when closer contact has been established the guests are aloud to pet her and she will come and sit near to you. But still she will remain suspicious. That is how a real pon is.
Suspicious to stranger but will do everything for her family.