Born 09/02/2018
Ino de Kaillhanes X Multi Ch. Jasminka van het Goralenhof
DNA profile
RCD4 carrier

BOB puppy World dog Show Amsterdam 2018
Nl Jeugdwinster 2018 & BOB Junior.
Belgian Junior Champion
Holland Junior Champion
BEST IN GROUP all breed show Wieze 2019

When the litter where Roza was born into was expected I did not plan to keep a girl.
But shortly after they where born I contacted Andy and Tamara to ask them if they would be interested in one of the 6 beautifull girls after they recently lost their dear Renzo.  They did not had to think long about my question so when it was time to leave mum Jasminka Roza went to live with her grandma Donna.
Roza is visiting us on very frequent basis and loves to be with us, she is a very social and easy PON to live with.  We cannot thank Andy and Tamara enough for their excellent care!